Deep Sky Derelicts Wiki


While serious injuries need proper hospital treatment, the Medic can still keep the crew going with the skillful use of stimulants and other chemicals, some of which also have offensive applications.

Base Stats/Stats Gained per Level[]

Health 28/+3

Initiative 5/+0.8

Base Skills/Skills Gained per Level[]

Weaponry 10/+2

Tech 20/+5

Medical 30/+8

Scavenging 5/+1

Mental 10/+2

Equipment Slots[]

Ranged Weapon (Starting Gear: Shotty)

Tool (Starting Gear: Stimulant Dispenser)

Tool (Starting Gear: Sedative Dispenser)

Shield (Starting Gear: Support Barrier)


Level 1: Adrenaline Booster

Level 2: Medical Expertise // Regenerative Suit

Level 3: First to Aid // Medical Diligence

Level 4: Cleansing Buffer

Level 5: Understanding of Anatomy

Level 6: Painkiller Additive

Level 7: Immunity

Level 8: Learning Experience

Level 9: Energization

Level 10: Paralyze